Artist's statment

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As a jeweler, I work to create items that are old and new at the same time - current but timeless. As a beadmaker, I work to create items that challenge me, that cover new ground. The opposition of these goals can introduce a new sense of tension and excitement. That's what my work is about: walking that line between classic (and therefore wearable jewelry) and the new (so we can express our individuality). Some of my most popular jewelry lines are like that. They can blend into the 'background of you', or help push you into the spotlight. "Cased Daisy" is sweet, simple, classic - but also slightly flower-child - which side do you want to show today? The dichroic glass earrings glimmer in your long hair if it's down, or light up your whole face if you wear your hair short. The sputniks just make me smile!

The "Maltese Star" line I am most proud of. This is a shape of bead I know is "mine"; that is to say, it is not a classic shape, nor is it copied from another beadmaker. Similar to songwriters using the same seven notes to come up with new original songs, most beadmakers use the same classical techniques as they strive to create a bead they can call their own. The Maltese Star is my Signature Bead, and indeed, each is signed with my initials. I use sterling silver or gold vermeil Bali beads and findings in much of my work. I feel the Indonesian silversmiths are some of the most talented in the world, and I love the 'new-antique' feel they give the jewelry. I also favor new and antique cut glass beads, including old 'vaseline' glass that glows in black light. Some pieces incorporate semi-precious stones, or pearls. And occasionally I use charms made of silver, or pewter, or other metals. I do not know why we are driven to create, but I have work to do! ~Jenny